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How to Match a Photo in Sketchup

This video shows how to match a photo in Sketchup.

Source : Watch on Youtube

How to Make a Ship Hull in Sketchup (Video)

Create a ship hull easily. No plug-in. Just curve and follow me tools needed.

Sharing Sketchup Models (3D Warehouse)

You can share your models in 3D Warehouse. First, you must export your model as .kmz file. 3D Warehouse requires an image file too. You can export an image file as .jpg or .png. Then upload them into 3D Warehouse so that people can see your models and can download them.

First log in to your Google Account in order to share your models.

Sketchup Section Plane Feature

     This video shows how to use Sketchup 'section plane tool'
     Çeşitli sunumlarda kullanabilirsiniz. 

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Google Sketchup Download (Sketchup İndir)

28 Mayıs 2012 Pazartesi

Ship Hull - Gemi Gövdesi

Front View

     It was created by using Follow Me and Move Tools. This is my technique to create ship hulls.

Hidden Geometry

     It is available to download ! You can download it by clicking the following link. Download Ship Model